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Crane Group International, LLC was founded to meet the insatiable demand for sustainable homes, buildings, and communities among both industrialized and emerging nations. CGI uses a proprietary panelized steel wall system and containerization assembly process to mass produce all-inclusive, easy-to-assemble, and highly durable and energy efficient residential and commercial structures that can be shipped to any part of the world in shipping containers. CGI can ship 30 structures per day, which can typically be assembly in a matter of weeks.

A short video showing the construction of the first nutrition center in South Africa, which was erected in 7 days by unskilled labor and subsequently donated to the S.A. Department of Education, shows the speed and ease of assembly.

A short video showing the formal opening of a school in South Africa, and the comments of South Africa’s Fmr Minister of Education, validates the demand for our type of structures and the great impact they can have on a community.

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Our Vision

To promote and implement global projects with community leadership that strive to build, uplift, and ultimately transform communities and impact the lives of people that have been affected by natural disasters, poverty, disease, lack of education, lack of skills training, and a lack of sustainable living environments.

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Our Mission

To be the global leader in mass-produced panelized steel-framed residential and commercial structures while focusing on affordability, quality, sustainability, community development, and stimulating local economies.

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Management Team

Neal Balasny, President & Chief Executive Officer – Having co-founded CGI in 2004, Mr. Balasny took the helm in March 2005. His business acumen and vision are leveraged by his expert marketing prowess. Mr. Balasny’s leadership and determination will enable CGI to penetrate high-growth geographies of the international marketplace with a proven US-developed manufactured-housing technology. In addition to overseeing the company, he is responsible for the creation and expansion of key governmental and corporate-level alliances.

Prior to CGI, Mr. Balasny served as President of BBB Group Ltd., a full-service agency he founded in 1990 specializing in creating, implementing and monitoring sales and marketing programs, as well as providing branding strategies and specialty retail promotions. Mr. Balasny spearheaded the agency’s consulting activities and built a client list representing many Fortune 100 companies on a variety of levels spanning over 13 years. His marketing, sales and branding prowess with help build Crane Group’s brand identity world-wide.

Guy Condorelli, Vice President-Business Development  –  Guy has a broad and accomplished background as owner, operator and installer of a key product for residential and commercial buildings and is involved in numerous property development projects. With more than 15 years of experience spanning various industries within the construction sector, Guy has led start-up operations and facilitated partnership marketing with several major building supply firms. Guy has experience overseeing operations spanning all regions of the United States. Adept at business development, finance, and contract negotiation, Guy has enabled his employers and his company to enter new markets, form valuable alliances, and launch profitable new products.

Travis Daharsh, Vice President – Project Operations – Travis has over 20 years experience providing large scale camps in austere locations throughout Africa and the Middle East, for clients such as United Nations, U.S. Department of State, African Union, Shell Oil, BP Oil, Exxon Oil, etc.  Travis served as the Project Manager of the Darfur operations for 5 years where he built and maintained 42 military camps throughout the Darfur region ranging in size from 250 men up to 3500 men.  The project was for the U.S. Department of State providing housing and life support for over 28,000 African Union members, with a 5 year project value of over 2.2 billion dollars.  Travis serves as a primary consultant to organizations such as Lockheed Martin, AECOM, the U.S. Department of State, and several entities involved in the Oil & Gas networks of Iraq.  Travis provides extensive knowledge and support with regards to the establishment and the ongoing operations and maintenance of man camps throughout the world.

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Advisory Board

Colonel Jack Jacobs: Medal of Honor recipient and current military analyst for NBC/MSNBC. Serves on the faculty of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the National War College in Washington, D.C. As a managing director of Bankers Trust Co., the Colonel led Global Investment Management to $2.2 billion in assets and later co-founded a similar business for Lehman Brothers. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is a director of the Medal of Honor Foundation.

Lt. Colonel David Merhar: West Point graduate with global experience in executive management of complex, large-scale business and community operations in both civilian and military settings in the United States and Europe. Involved with the White House and U.S. State Department Experience including responsibilities as Chief of Staff/Executive Officer to various political and military leaders including Sec. of State and NATO Commander Alexander Haig.

Dr Clive Clayton: Leading Professor in Materials Science and Engineering. He has edited eight professional conference proceedings and co-written nearly 200 publications concerned with the application of surface science to fundamental and applied aspects of materials. His research has recently developed in the direction of green materials synthesis and analysis and eco-efficiency studies.

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Our Partners

CGI is able to offer state-of-the art solutions in both its manufacturing process and its products due to the collaboration of strategic partners, which are among the world’s best companies and organizations.

These partners share CGIs vision to stay ahead of the curve in sustainable technologies which results in both increased profitability and the ability to fulfill their social responsibility mandate.

The rapid expansion of the world’s population is a call to arms for private industry, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), and–perhaps most importantly–partnerships between all of these entities to help move critical initiatives forward.

Private Companies:

Governmental Orgs:

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This video highlights the assembly process and the new paradigm of scheduling work in HOURS instead of DAYS or WEEKS.

This video highlights the profound impact that a CGI-built school can have, and more importantly the introduction of new construction technologies to uplift communities.

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Corporate Office: 364 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone: 201-489-0419 | Fax: 201-488-2025

For Product & Project Inquiries: Guy Condorelli, VP Business Development
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