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Crane Commercial

Focus: Commercial Structures such as Community Buildings, Schools, and Retail Stores to foster self-sustaining communities

Building a community is about much more than building homes. CGI has a fervent belief that new home construction must be done in the context of a master plan that provides the infrastructure and resources for the establishment of a self-sustaining community. While hundreds or thousands of new homes may provide temporary relief, only homes built as part of a thriving community have a chance to provide true upliftment and the chance for people to realize their highest and greatest potential.

We believe that education is at the heart of sustainability so we offer a wide variety of school houses so that kids can learn and play in a durable and safe environment. When a storm hits, a CGI-built school will be among the safety places to retreat for safety. In addition to schools, we offer churches and community buildings of all shapes and sizes. Our design team will work together with local officials and residents to determine how one of our public buildings can meet their specific needs and how the look and feel of the buildings can be aligned with local aesthetic and cultural sensitivities.

Corporate Office: 364 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone: 201-489-0419 | Fax: 201-488-2025

For Product & Project Inquiries: Guy Condorelli, VP Business Development
Phone: 201-489-0419 Ext. 2