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Marquee Values

CGI structures can withstand nature’s fury, from bitter cold arctic blasts to the blazing tropics. Our homes are designed to tolerate hurricane level winds and earthquakes as high as 7.0 on the Richter Scale.

Durability means buyers are getting the most for their investment and the peace of mind that comes with making good decisions.

Durable materials such as galvanized steel walls and roof trusses create products with a long, useful life and minimal maintenance costs. Our steel is treated to prevent corrosion.

Steel is not subject to rot, wood destroying insects, mold.

Components built in climate controlled factory under rigorous QC protocols enforced throughout the assembly process

One of the greatest gifts CGI can give to its customers is peace of mind. The strength of our building materials makes all CGI structures safe, efficient and comfortable for their inhabitants, assuring them a durable product that will last for generations to come with minimal maintenance. Our building components have been tested and approved to US and International building code standards. Galvanized steel framing in the walls, floor joists, and roof trusses enables the buildings to withstand fire, insects/rodents and severe storm conditions – up to 150 mph winds and earthquakes (7.0 Richter Scale). Varying gauges of steel offer the homes weight and strength to meet or exceed many wind, snow, thermal and seismic zone requirements throughout the world.

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A formidable state-of-the art containerization assembly process.
Consistent quality, fit and finish due to factory controlled processes and inspections.
State-of-the-art manufacturing facility capable of producing approx. 10,000 homes per year when operating at full capacity. That is over 30 units per day!
Units can be assembled on site typically in 7-21 days

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Units leave the manufacturing facility complete with windows and doors, cabinetry, drywall, plumbing fixtures and electrical components – making them instantly ready for assembly and use.
All components necessary to complete the building are provided by CGI
Easy to assemble

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Innovative process of assembly-line manufacturing provides the flexibility to produce commercial structures such as schools, religious sanctuaries, police stations, commercial retail stores, nutritional feeding scheme centres and virtually any other possible structure.

CGI offers a full range of design services to help clients meet there specific design needs.

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Sustainability both in terms of communities and our structures.
Technology allows for no waste in the manufacturing or assembly process.
Wall system has high R value, minimizing air infiltration
Energy efficient windows and exterior doors
Preserviing our natural resources
Credits towards LEED certification
Strategic Partnership with BASF allows us to stay on cutting edge of energy efficiency

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Corporate Office: 364 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone: 201-489-0419 | Fax: 201-488-2025

For Product & Project Inquiries: Guy Condorelli, VP Business Development
Phone: 201-489-0419 Ext. 2