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Below you will find answers to some basic questions about Crane Builders SA, the Crane product and our building process. We are constantly working to update this section of our website to keep our customers informed. If you have a question that is not answered below, please write to us in our Contact Us page and we will answer you directly, and possibly add your question to this page.

Are Crane structures approved by CSIR/Agrement or other building authorities?

How do Crane structures differ from brick & mortar structures?

Are the materials in Crane structures fire resistant?

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Structure / Integrity

Structure / Integrity

Are the materials in CGI structures fire resistant?

Yes, there is a zero flame spread rating based on the components used: the frames are made of galvanised steel, the interior walls of gypsum, the insulation is of a fibre-glass material and the exterior walls are fibre cement.

What type of maintenance is required for CGI structures?

CGI structures require nominal maintenance, with repainting of the exterior walls every 10 years.

How long will CGI structures last?

CGI structures will last as long as brick & mortar; however, longevity depends on how the structures are maintained.

How are CGI structures built so quickly?

The panels are manufactured in the factory under strict quality control with all of the major components incorporated into the panels including electricity, plumbing and fixtures. In addition, the assembly line process allows for the units to be built more quickly and more efficiently than conventional buildings. The same process is used in the on-site assembly of the unit.

How many floors can you have in a CGI structure?

Two stories for residential use and three for commercial.

Can CGI structures withstand various seismic and severe weather conditions?

CGI structures have proven themselves in a wide range of climatic conditions from extreme heat to extreme cold, and from earthquakes to hurricanes.

How safe are CGI structures from burglary?

With the appropriate deterrent mechanisms such as alarm systems and burglar bars, CGI structures can be as safe as any other structure found worldwide.

Are CGI structures approved by CSIR/Agrement or other building authorities?

Yes, all CGI structures are approved by Agrement, and are built to the specifications outlined by the International Building Codes.

How do CGI structures differ from brick & mortar structures?

CGI structures differ in many ways from traditional brick & mortar structures: we offer the flexibility to expand more quickly and more cost effectively than conventional brick & mortar, and with no waste; the panelized system is more energy efficient than brick & mortar; and CGI structures provide a healthier environment as the panels do not build up the condensation that brick & mortar structures do, creating mold and an unhealthy environment.

Why a CGI structure vs. other building systems?

CGI structures are a superior choice over other building systems for several reasons: our factory manufacturing process mitigates the on-site problems seen in a conventional building process, our quality control is conducted at the factory level, and the integrity of our panelised structures is far superior to any other systems in the marketplace. In addition, our speed of delivery provides an effective solution to developers in reducing the completion time on a specific project.

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Manufacturing / Assembly

Manufacturing / Assembly

Can a CGI structure be moved?

No. Once in place the structure is bolted into a permanent foundation.

What is involved?

Pouring additional foundation, adding roof material and purchasing additional panels and/or using brick & mortar.

Does this manufacturing process exist anywhere else in the world?

Yes. US, Germany, South Korea, Mexico just to name a few.

What type of foundation is used?

Depending upon the site conditions, we recommend a monolithic cement slab or alternative foundations to adhere to the local requirements of the site.

What is the standard bill of quantities provided in a CGI residential/commercial structure?

15 mm gypsum board (Interior walls), 12 mm fibre cement board (exterior walls), galvanised steel studs (framing), moisture barrier and fibreglass insulation.

Does CGI Builders SA assign trained crews to assemble on-site?

No. CGI Builders SA will train and certify the project’s foreman, who will then be responsible for training the local on-site assembly crew.

What equipment is required to assemble the units?

One ten-ton CGI and standard building power tools.

Where is the factory and how can I schedule an appointment to see the manufacturing process?

The manufacturing plant is located in Hillside, NJ, just minutes from the Port of Newark and Elizabeth, Newark Airport, the NJ Turnpike, and Rt. 78. Yes, you can schedule an appointment.

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Cost / Financing

Cost / Financing

What does the price include?

The price would be FOB factory and includes all house and bathroom fixtures (includes tub, toilet, sink & base), light fixtures, cabinets, countertops, flooring cover and finished roof.
Standard Building Components:

  • Roofing: Tiles: galvanised steel
  • galvanised steel studs (1.15mm material thickness)
  • Fibreglass insulation with moisture barrier
  • Interior Walls: Gypsum Board (15mm)
  • Exterior Cladding – Fibre Cement board

Is financing available through CGI Builders SA?

No. At this time, CGI is not providing financing options.

What are the payment terms on orders?

50 percent on order and 50 percent FOB factory.

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Can I select my own interior furnishings?

Yes, CGI Builders will provide several options.

Are there any commercial models or residential show homes I can visit?

Yes, a 170 sq. meter residential unit is located at the manufacturing plant facility of Group Five’s Everite in Kliprivier and a commercial unit, the first Nutrition Centre (123 sq. meter) donated to Minister Pandor and the Department of Education is located in Atteridgeville at the Banareng Primary School.

Can a CGI structure be customised to meet my specifications?

Yes, but additional upgrade options are limited.

Once I choose a floorplan and design, are there any other options?

Yes, there are interior furnishing options.

Are there different designs to choose from?

Yes, what makes CGI products so unique is that the structures come in a multitude of designs, including your own.

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I’m a developer. What is the minimum order and turnaround time?

For residential structures, the minimum order is 25 and for commercial structures minimum orders are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please Contact Us for further information.

I’m interested in a CGI home. What do I do next?

CGI is a wholesaler. If you are a private individual, please proceed to our Contact Us page and fill-out the information accordingly.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Where can I find additional information on CGI?

Fill out the Contact Us section and visit our website for additional updates.
Check on CGI Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

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Corporate Office: 364 Summit Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
Phone: 201-489-0419 | Fax: 201-488-2025

For Product & Project Inquiries: Guy Condorelli, VP Business Development
Phone: 201-489-0419 Ext. 2